I’m Saeid Gholizade

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Technical Artist, Programmer, R&D Specialist, Tool Developer, VFX Artist, Shader Writer, Character TD, Lighting TD,  Composite, Game Design



Wooden Wings

  • Mr.Head : The Boy Next Door (Android & iOS Game – Work in progress), Game Designer, Programmer,
  • The Lock (Android & iOS Game – Work in progress),  Game Designer, Programmer
  • WindyFall (iOS Entertainment App), R&D
  • Honey Bunny Photo Booth (Kids Photo App)



  • Black Gold, (Game Intro Animation) ,Modeling, Tool Developer, R&D
  • LinaLulei (TV Commercial), Modeling, Rig, Animate, Lighting TD, Render, Composite
  • Alvan v1 (TV Commercial), Lighting TD, Render, Composite
  • Alvan v2 (TV Commercial), Lighting TD, Render, Composite
  • Jamshid (Animation – Work in Progress), TD, Composite
  • Jashn Khane Cinema Announcement . TD, Composite
  • Fajr Film Festival (Short Clip) TD, Composite
  • Panjer ( musical Animation ),VFX Artist,  Composite
  • Cheragh ( musical Animation ),VFX Artist,  Composite
  • Cinnagen Commercials 1 , Generalist, Lighting TD, Composite
  • Cinnagen Commercials 2 , Generalist, Lighting TD, Composite


Bearded Bird

  • Parvaneh : Legacy of the Light‘s Guardians  (PC Game ), Lead 3d Artist, Vfx Artist, Technical Artist
  • The Great Raid (Mobile Game ), Lead Programmer, Tool Developer


Didar VFX

  • Balaban (Featured Film), VFX Supervisor, TD, Lighting TD, Composite
  • Time Bandits(Featured Film - stereoscopic Conversion preproduction), TD, Composite


APW Studio
  • Defenders(PC Game), Technical Director, Lead Programmer, R&D, Tool Developer, GamePlay Design


Persian Dreams

  • Shuguli (Animation) Particle Effect


TGT Game Studio

  • Dr Nano (Animation), Everythings
  • Legend of NewRooz (PC Game ), Lead Programmer, GamePlay Design, Ai, UI programming
  • Moghavemat (PC Game), Lead Programmer, GamePlay Design, Ai, UI programming, Tool Development

2003 - 2004

SiahGhalam e’ Shargh

  • Amir & Aye (Animation), Modeling, Rig, Skin, Tool Development
  • AmirArsalan (PC Game-Canceled),  Modeling, Rig, Skin, Tool Developmen

Personal Experience and Study

  • Shape Swift (Mobile Game , ios, android), Game design, Programmer, Artist
  • Makeup Girls (Mobile Entertainment App, ios, android), Design, Programmer, Artist
  • LinaCup (Java Mobile Game), Programmer
  • Ragnavard (Java Mobile Game), Programmer, Producer, Executive Producer
  • Developing Lots of Plugins for Maya
  • Writing A Tool For Making a RenderMan Shader With Node Base Graph
  • RiverTool (Unity Asset), programmer
  • Xsheet Animation (Unity Asset), programmer
  • Collision Maker (Unity Asset), Programmer
  • 2D Platform Builder(Unity Asset), Programmer
  • uiflow Designer (Unity Asset), Programmer


  • Degree in Computer Software Engineering
  • Associated Degree in Computer Software Engineering


  • Best Graphic in 3d Department (Parvaneh : Legacy of the Light‘s Guardians)


  • Softwares  : Maya, SoftImage, RenderMan, Arnold, MentalRay, Nuke, Fusion, AfterEffect, Cinema4D, Houdini, Zbrush, RealFlow, PhotoShop, Unity ,Unreal Engin(Tools Are Not The Matters )
  • Programming Language: C++, C#, Java, iOS Objective C, Android Java, Borland Delphi, HLSL, RS ,Syntaxes are not The Matters
  • Programming Content:Core Programing, GamePlay Programming,AI Programing, Tool Programing


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