Sunday, September 13, 2015

uiflow designer (source included) !!

Lots of project, lots of designers, lots of programmer, are involve with integrating their UI with multiple pages and transitions,
here it is, you can make it with out having lots of skills, just think your UI flow and make it with uiflow.
unity is now more easy to use than before.

Available here :!/content/40828

Friday, February 20, 2015

Unity 2D Platform Builder !

Download it from here :!/content/24948
2D Platform Builder is a unity asset that makes designing platformer game really really easy, you have just do some clicks to create platform then select upper lower and vertical edge texture, the tool will all thing !
you can easily edit platform by move and insert point where ever you want, also it has align point feature to make straight aligned platform,
so make it quick and test yourself to see how easy it is to make a platformer game !

Unity Collision maker !

Download it from here :!/content/22602
A very easy tool for creating collision in unity editor,
you have to just some clicks and then it will be created !
it is very awesome too have a tool that make mesh in unity editor for you !