Sunday, September 13, 2015

uiflow designer (source included) !!

Lots of project, lots of designers, lots of programmer, are involve with integrating their UI with multiple pages and transitions,
here it is, you can make it with out having lots of skills, just think your UI flow and make it with uiflow.
unity is now more easy to use than before.

Available here :!/content/40828

Friday, February 20, 2015

Unity 2D Platform Builder !

Download it from here :!/content/24948
2D Platform Builder is a unity asset that makes designing platformer game really really easy, you have just do some clicks to create platform then select upper lower and vertical edge texture, the tool will all thing !
you can easily edit platform by move and insert point where ever you want, also it has align point feature to make straight aligned platform,
so make it quick and test yourself to see how easy it is to make a platformer game !

Unity Collision maker !

Download it from here :!/content/22602
A very easy tool for creating collision in unity editor,
you have to just some clicks and then it will be created !
it is very awesome too have a tool that make mesh in unity editor for you !

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pipeline ToolSet & Character Generator

this is my pipeline toolset that develope in progress of a PC game "Parvaneh : Legacy of the Light's Gaurdian", it handled lots of difficulty for us in asset creation phase,
you can follow the Parvaneh game here :
thanks to my friends in BeardedBird Studio !

Monday, April 28, 2014

River tool Tutorial

Download Link :

Here is a new tool for artist to make their river or spline like mesh with in unity editor with a really easy tool !
just read the instruction in Document included in package.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Alvan Color - TV Comercial

This is another work on Raiavin, it has two version this is 2 !

Tv Commercial / 2013 / 30"
Tv Commercial for the ALVAN Paint and Resin Production.
This is the 1st Episode of the Alvan's Tv commercials Based on the Interesting Valspar Tv Commercial Produced by The Mill about Two Chameleons Choosing color for their room.
This Project is just an Exercise to us .
Director : Moin Samadi
CopyWriters : Faeze Keshavarzian,Minoo JanMohamadi
Animation Supervisor: Ariasp Feiz, Kave Roeintan
Animators : Farzad Shamayel, Hesam Aghajani, K.Roeintan, Mahdi Taher
Render & Composite : Saeid Gholizade
Modeling : Homan Rahmati
Lighting TD: Saeid Gholizade
Background Designer : Saeed Ghanizade
Sound : Armin Bahari
Music : Milad Movahedi
Narration : Zohre Shokofande, George Petrosian
Thanks to : Payam Fard Moghadam, Yaser Azimbayk.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lina Lulei

An advertisement TV commercial of a Snack !
LinaLolei-HD from saeid gholizade on Vimeo.

Zahra Heidari
writer & director:
Moin Samadi
Mehdi Alibeygi
CG Animation:
Saeid Gholizade
Milad MOvahedi
Armin Bahari
RaiAvin Studio 2013

Sunday, June 10, 2012

report #07

after a long time i spend on this feature it is completed !
finally the generated code can be in multiple line with different variable declaration and use for other function's input !
+ use a stack for adding, sorting and editing the generated code !
+ automatically sort the variable definition that used in edited function (node) [ all of the variable that use as a parameter must define before the function we use ] !
+ automatically sort the edited input node in code stack !
* it is the first step of going to multiple output function ( node ) like Fresnel !
this multiple code line generating by variable is mostly recommended for a software like this and now i achieved it with a lots of trying and polishing !

hop to see new features soon !

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

my visual renderman shading language editor !

report #06 first of all thank to Mostafa Ari for his guidance to me ! and as you see the new useful feature has been added, + add a in application console for error message or some printing functionality + add a in application preview for current shader that you made + add a in application shader code viewer for see what will appear in your .sl file and again thanks everyone for pushing me forward !

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

my VRSL ( don't have a name yet ) weekly report #05

my VRSL (don't have a name yet ) weekly report #05 i don't know why i call it weekly but it makes me schedule, + finally after all these 10 days it has the save/open scene feature ( now you can make your shader then save it to a XML file and reload it later ) it is very hard to convert those connection between nodes to just a text (xml) file, then reload it as it be earlier, but if i can make it this far i hope i can finish it )

Monday, April 16, 2012

my VRSL weekly report #04

+ finally replace spline render with linear for connection
+ add delete node option
+ add multiple input type for inputs of nodes
+ add lighting functionality node (diffuse, specular, ... )
+ add code tab for generated shader file check
+ fix some bug about input type check
+ fix some resolve result of each node bug
thanks every one for pushing me forward !

Monday, April 9, 2012

my VRSL weekly report #03

it seems that the structures are go fine and i add more functionality to it !
+ add all operators ( + - * / . )
+ add lighting functions/nodes ( ambient, diffuse, specular , ...)
+ add predefine variable of surface shader
+ remove computing result and just use command of nodes !
* working on multi type for inputs

hope you looking forward of this !

Monday, April 2, 2012

my VRSL weekly report #02

the first shader that generated with my VRSL (don't have a name yet ! ) tool !
latest update :
+ each node have a command that determine how it works
+ generator can check the depth of infinite depth node connection
+ add some operator for mathematical functionality
+ some bugfix about far depth connection

weekly report #02

Friday, March 16, 2012

A new Great Beginning !

after a long time that i wish to create something like this, i start it finally !
this is the starting prototype of my visual Renderman Shading Language editor, i want to make this as a multi platform tools and i am writing it on java,
i wish i can make it as what i planed, tell me your suggestion about it !
thank you !

Thursday, June 30, 2011

my latest Resume !

Download From Here !

I’m Saeid Gholizade


Technical Artist, Programmer, R&D Specialist, Tool Developer, VFX Artist, Shader Writer, Character TD, Lighting TD,  Composite, Game Design


2003 - 2004

SiahGhalam e’ Shargh

  • Amir & Aye (Animation), Modeling, Rig, Skin, Tool Development
  • AmirArsalan (PC Game-Canceled),  Modeling, Rig, Skin, Tool Development


TGT Game Studio

  • Dr Nano (Animation), Everythings
  • Legend of NewRooz (PC Game ), Lead Programmer, GamePlay Design, Ai, UI programming
  • Moghavemat (PC Game), Lead Programmer, GamePlay Design, Ai, UI programming, Tool Development


Persian Dreams

  • Shuguli (Animation) Particle Effect


APW Studio
  • Defenders(PC Game), Technical Director, Lead Programmer, R&D, Tool Developer, GamePlay Design


Didar VFX

  • Balaban (Featured Film), VFX Supervisor, TD, Lighting TD, Composite
  • Time Bandits(Featured Film - stereoscopic Conversion preproduction), TD, Composite



  • Black Gold, (Game Intro Animation) ,Modeling, Tool Developer, R&D
  • LinaLulei (TV Commercial), Modeling, Rig, Animate, Lighting TD, Render, Composite
  • Alvan v1 (TV Commercial), Lighting TD, Render, Composite
  • Alvan v2 (TV Commercial), Lighting TD, Render, Composite
  • Jamshid (Animation – Work in Progress), TD, Composite
  • Jashn Khane Cinema Announcement . TD, Composite
  • Fajr Film Festival (Short Clip) TD, Composite
  • Panjer ( musical Animation ),VFX Artist,  Composite
  • Cheragh ( musical Animation ),VFX Artist,  Composite
  • Cinnagen Commercials 1 , Generalist, Lighting TD, Composite
  • Cinnagen Commercials 2 , Generalist, Lighting TD, Composite


Wooden Wings

  • Mr.Head : The Boy Next Door (Android & iOS Game – Work in progress), Game Designer, Programmer,
  • The Lock (Android & iOS Game – Work in progress),  Game Designer, Programmer
  • WindyFall (iOS Entertainment App), R&D
  • Honey Bunny Photo Booth (Kids Photo App)


Bearded Bird

  • Parvaneh : Legacy of the Light‘s Guardians  (PC Game ), Lead 3d Artist, Vfx Artist, Technical Artist
  • The Great Raid (Mobile Game ), Lead Programmer, Tool Developer

Personal Experience and Study

  • Shape Swift (Mobile Game , ios, android), Game design, Programmer, Artist
  • Makeup Girls (Mobile Entertainment App, ios, android), Design, Programmer, Artist
  • LinaCup (Java Mobile Game), Programmer
  • Ragnavard (Java Mobile Game), Programmer, Producer, Executive Producer
  • Developing Lots of Plugins for Maya
  • Writing A Tool For Making a RenderMan Shader With Node Base Graph
  • RiverTool (Unity Asset), programmer
  • Xsheet Animation (Unity Asset), programmer
  • Collision Maker (Unity Asset), Programmer
  • 2D Platform Builder(Unity Asset), Programmer
  • uiflow Designer (Unity Asset), Programmer


  • Degree in Computer Software
  • Associated Degree in Computer Software


  • Best Graphic in 3d Department (Parvaneh : Legacy of the Light‘s Guardians)


  • Softwares  : Maya, SoftImage, RenderMan, Arnold, MentalRay, Nuke, Fusion, AfterEffect, Cinema4D, Houdini, Zbrush, RealFlow, PhotoShop, Unity ,Unreal Engin(Tools Are Not The Matters )

  • Programming Language: C++, C#, Java, iOS Objective C, Android Java, Borland Delphi, HLSL(DirectX Shader), RSL(Renderman Shader) ,Syntaxes are not The Matters
  • Programming Content:Core Programing, AI Programing, Tool Programing

Monday, May 23, 2011

Balaban Reel !

this is a reel of vfx shot of a featured film named "Balaban"

Sunday, February 28, 2010

This is an idea for maya , a content browser (not completed )!

here is a content browser for maya ,it doesn't completed yet but it will be complete soon ,it will has some search and filtering feature and ....

Ken's full leg rig like animation mentor , But ...!

the different between this and mentor one is the mentor has some attribute with number adjustment but this has handle !

This is my first experience in Maya script !

this is my first experience in maya script !